VianaSailing was officially born in 2016. Its founders already had a combined experience of more than 20 years at high performance in the sport.

The company specialized in all ILCA rigs and the Optimist class, pursuing the goal of working side by side with performance athletes since their early sailing days until their olympic campaigns and medal successes.

To be able to provide a complete working structure VianaSailing based its operations in Viana do Castelo, where an all inclusive package for performance sailors is delivered. The company is also present in all the European circuit, US  major regattas and Asian continental championships.

From national level sailors aiming for more to Olympians seeking that extra support for a medal, VianaSailing is ready to support you and make you succeed  in your sailing endeavours. 


Our Sailbase provides the perfect environment for top quality training.

Located at the small nautical city of Viana do Castelo, the Sailbase is equipped with top edge nautical equipment, from several briefing rooms, storage for rigged boats, locker rooms, gym and drying area.

Being two minutes away from the city center, 5min from our team apartment and 10min from  the fitness coaching site, the base is perfectly set up for you to take the most out of each daily session. 


Being a central piece on sailing success at the highest level, we provide professional coaching in this area. Our team is specialized on sailing  aerobic, anaerobic, explosive movements, balance skills and power related requirements of sailing and in a crossfit training approach they will make you excel in all those.


Simply perfect! Quite enough for full focus. Warranty of no sailing days lost and an offer off all sailing training conditions.

No time wasting on trips during the day and offering productive and fun options for your recovery and resting moments. Easy and affordable to travel into.


Less then 2 min away from the sea, offering 3 different training venue scenarios.

Equipped with all nautical and sportive gear needed to make your daily routine comfortable and easy.  A beautiful and quite place for your training moments. 

Viana - Yes, that is our name!

When founded, VianaSailing wanted to find the perfect venue where as less days as possible were lost, but also somewhere easy to access from all parts of the world, without that usual city buzzing and affordable for all that wanted to stay in a long term basis.

Viana do Castelo was the choice of election, on the the North part of Portugal almost in the border with Spain, the city is blessed with the Nortada almost all year around. This sea breeze type of wind is a thermal influenced wind, normally blowing from 15 to 25 knots daily during the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

In the winter south warm winds kick in with an average of 10 to 18 knots making the winter quite mild and enjoyable. Aside from the regular wind, the city has almost zero ship traffic. The Atlantic in all its splendor adds that extra spice, providing nice swell, chop and surfing conditions. The water plan in the city gets even better as aside from the exit towards the north where it is ruff and extremely wavy, there is also a south venue with more chop and less swell and finally the river venue that stretches from miles up the city and its wide enough to provide a great flat water training playground. 

Viana is half an hour away from Oporto Airport which connects with almost all the major airports from around the world.

The full performance package

With the equipment and characteristics of our sailbase we are able to provide something quite unique, when the sailors arrive they are picked up by us from the airport and accommodated in our team house (fully equipped). The day follows with rigging, the first evaluation session and then a fitness evaluation session.

Before all training plans are made they also have a nutritionist and physiotherapy evaluation so no details are left aside. 

Once that is done they receive a detailed program about their training schedule and daily plan which involves one to two sailing sessions, one gym session and the needed back up from our nutritionist and physiotherapist teams.

The sailors fly light and with their heads focused on the target of improving, since all is arranged by us including the charter boat, provided with all spars, foils, brand new hull and fittings. 

And since all productive work needs its surgical breaks, we also over punctual surfing, cycling, kitesurfing, paddle sessions to all our athletes so they can recharge and not be overwhelmed with the daily grind.