U21 and ILCA4 Worlds Pre-Camp

18 June, 2024 - 24 June, 2024
Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Join our U21 and ILCA4 Worlds Pre-Camp and get ready to dominate the U21 and ILCA4 Worlds.

We understand the significance of the moments just before the big competition and that’s why we’ve tailored this pre-camp to offer you an unparalleled advantage by exploring the details of the venue.  Having spent countless hours navigating these waters, we’ve gained insights into every hidden current and subtle wind shift. Our expertise ensures that you not only feel at home but also harness the venue’s nuances to elevate your performance. We’re here to turn every challenge into an opportunity and offer you a platform where no detail goes unnoticed.

Join us for the U21 and ILCA4 Worlds Pre-Camp, where preparation meets perfection. Secure your spot now to sail towards triumph with utmost confidence!

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