Get to know the Venue – U21 and ILCA4 Worlds Warmup – Sailbase Camp

7 April, 2024 - 30 April, 2024
Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Join our “Get to know the Venue” Sailbase Camp and get ready to dominate the U21 and ILCA4 Worlds.

Guiding sailors from every corner of the world and dedicating more than 300 days annually to coaching in Viana’s waters, we are eager to share all the secrets it holds. Our local coaches, intimately familiar with our own sailbase, are your ultimate guides. They leave no nuance unexplored, leveraging the intricate currents and winds to sharpen your abilities. With unmatched insights, our world-class coaches ensure no detail is overlooked, guaranteeing your readiness for success.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to sail with us, embrace the Viana do Castelo waters, and gear up for the U21 and ILCA4 Worlds like never before. Secure your spot now and get ready to sail to victory with us!

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